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Interview: Veronica M. Toub, VMT "The Voyage Travel" Airstream

For my 4th interview series, I am beyond excited to feature a woman of many talents and who is my friend: Veronica M. Toub of VMT Los Angeles! I had an incredible, fashionably unique experience with this stylist, designer and curator of The Voyage Travel, which happens to be the most unique airstream for international fashion and custom-made accessories. Her attention to detail, flare about intricate craftsmanship and keen eye for design execution automatically hooks you when being introduced to this tres chic brand. It's an experience quite like no other—and knowing that when The Voyage Travel is en route to the next wanderlust-driven destination, there's going to be tepees, a memorable event, and open doors inviting you into wondrous fabrics and unique pieces from all over the world. She simply wants you to walk out the door happy with your experience—a feeling of pure inspiration in a multitude of dynamics. I caught up with Madame Veronica when I visited her and her team to get custom fit for one GORGEOUS dress I now have as one of my favorite pieces. Here's what she had to say:

KYMBERLY MARCIANO: In a few sentences, describe the heartbeat that makes up the VMT Los Angeles brand for our readers.

VERONICA M. TOUB: The VMT AIRSTREAM is named “Voyage Travel” or rather 
“Egayov Travel," which represents my initials and the logo of the brand. Embracing the idea of mobility, I was struck by the chic modernity and freedom embodied by the classic vintage Airstream – it was the perfect vehicle for me, having had spent my whole life traveling. I acquired a 31 foot Sovereign model, ca 1973, which has been ingeniously retro-fitted to become a sophisticated nomadic shopping experience.


KM:  You design jewelry, you design signature pieces, tell us, How did you get to the point to collect objects of wanderlust to share, rather than just for personal use?

VMT: I have always been inspired by the beauty and history of other cultures, and I wanted to combine all of my travel experience, the textiles, jewelry, and artifacts I have been collecting over the years into my designs. Fueled by my desire to share my finds and vision with others, VMT was born.

KM: What are your top 3 most inspiring places you've traveled to? What are your top 3 places you are dying to travel to and haven't yet?

VMT: Bali, Visiting the Adriatic Islands in the summer on a sailboat, Being with my family in the mountains of Gstaad Switzerland, and being with my family during the summers in South Hampton Long Island. The Great Wall of China, Matchu Pichu and the Amazon.

KM: Your pieces are customizable, one of a kind beauties. You also carry collections of fabrics, with vintage pieces that are timeless. Run us through the process of     creating individual pieces that suit each client…what was it like when you and I worked together? custom tailoring is a dynamic you offer with your team. 

VMT: When collaborating with people one on one I am given the opportunity to design with my clients unique personal style in mind and challenge them to push their boundaries. My passion is sharing my sense of aesthetic – everybody that I create something for, in a way, is getting a part of me and my history.

KM: What are some of the charitable dynamics you collaborate with and help? We've read that you attach yourself to a few amazing ones.  If you had the chance to collaborate with a charity you haven't attached your brand with yet, what would it be in addition to Africa School House?

VMT: Over the years I have worked closely with many charities that are dedicated to helping women in crisis and their children and families. The Africa School House in particular  is a charity that I recently collaborated with by bringing in my Airstream to a private shopping event in Los Angeles early this summer. It has always been very important to me to help the people around me in any way that I can, and being given the opportunity to combine the passion I have for VMT and helping others was a truly paramount experience.

KM: Tell me about some of your favorite things you sell in the VMT Los Angeles Airstream, and what style inspiration you are most drawn to! 

VMT: My inspiration is drawn from every place I travel to and every person I meet.  All of those experiences are represented in my collection.  I love each and every piece I create but some of my favorite pieces are The Veronica Caftan in ink blot with the Elih Vest, The Arrabella Kaftan, the Darius Bracelet in rose gold, named for my son. I adore the the etched hex coin lariat, the zipper in rose gold with a diamond tab, and my hex pave diamond chain earrings.

KM: Where do you see your brand going?

VMT: We are currently getting ready for our September launch and right now we are ready to move into large luxury retail department stores on a national level. Being a Los Angles based designer I feel it is so important to be represented both here in Los Angeles and in New York, where I spent a tremendous amount of time over the years.

KM: Finally, what is the biggest accomplishment you've made with the friends and family event? 

VMT: My friends and family event afforded me the opportunity to not only give back to my friends and family and to a charity, African Schoolhouse that I care very much about. Additionally, I feel it was important because everyone has supported me and have watched with anticipation my progression of my venture into this world. I have been able to really realize my vision and I wanted to give back and share what I have created with everyone who has helped me along the way.

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