Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 5 Valentine's Day DIY Projects!

With Valentines Day around the corner I couldnt help but indulge in all the creative ideas coming our way! Its not only about Cupid, Romance, Kindness, and Love, but check out these DIY project ideas!! 

Glitter Rock Valentines—a super adorable and simple way to use a natural rock with glittery glitter and glue. Can't really go wrong with this one since it can be for anyone! Catch the full how-to on Artful Parent.

I wanted to throw this link into the mix that entails a few good articles on a "kid-friendly Valentine's Day"—browse around "She Knows"...because she really does! 

I had to pause and throw a love potion in the mix for the grown ups...via the one and only Martha Stewart

If you love throwing Valentine's Day parties as much as I do for the kids, I love this fun way to zest up the party with pretty do it yourself heart shapes to decorate your cups...and table! Visit P.S. Blog for more details. 

And finally, a do it yourself dreamcatcher! This one not only touches the heart strings, but is also a great decorative piece. My Poppet shows you the steps for a heart shaped one. I Love. 

Stay tuned next week for a personal look into my Valentines day traditions created with my first-born Ella!
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Monday, January 28, 2013

LAND Photography—An Introduction from KMP!

I'd like to invite you to explore how I divide my photo shoot categories, an element and dynamic of my new website and a fun way to name and organize the countless photo shoots I've snapped my camera in—ahhh, my love for photography never ends! 
Introducing the 1st of 3 categories: LAND! Here are a few images from a Guess campaign titled, 'On A Journey', where we set the scene on the Dry Salt Lakes with our very hip models. Go ahead and explore the images I've captured in this clicking right here

*Stay tuned for an intro to WATER next week...
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Favorite: Pale Cloud A/W '13 Preview

I had to share  Pale Cloud's sneak peek from their new Fall/Winter 2013 collection in the image above...which is stunning! 

I'm absolutely obsessed with this brand. Enjoy some of my super cute shots below of Pale Cloud from Petite Parade's Kids Fashion Week shot last October in conjunction with Vogue Bambini

*I wish you all a Happy Friday!*

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Expression Thursdays

For this Expression Thursday, it's all about intentions! 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Zoobug Kids Spectacles = Major Cuteness

Zoobug spectacles for kids are simply adorable, and I'm on cuteness overload with their latest campaign on Babyology!
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