Thursday, April 11, 2013

Interview Series: DJ Kai Song

For my second sit down interview series I chose a VERY special and inspiring kid that I had an encounter with last fall at the Petite Parade & Vogue Bambini kids fashion week. He caught my eye immediately with his BIG headphones and a true zest for all things music..he is, DJ Kai Song! His charisma and passion for music is the real deal, mentored by his father Lars from a very early age, DJ Kai Song  lights up the room with his superstar mixes!  I decided to get a look inside his world, what inspires him and what he plans to do in the future...HE Rocks!

KYMBERLY MARCIANO: First and foremost, what do you want to be when you grow up?! 

DJ KAI: A professional DJ/music producer/singer.

KM: What was the first song you can remember listening to, and how did it make you feel?

DJ KAI: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. It made me feel happy and made me want to sing.

KM: How did you learn to be a DJ?!

DJ KAI: My papa is a DJ and he owns a DJ equipment rental company, so our house was always full of DJ equipment.  When I was 2,3 years old I started playing with the DJ-player and mixer and then I asked my papa about it and then he taught me.

KM: What's on your current playlist?

DJ KAI: Tiësto: United, Zedd: Clarity, Krewella: Alive

KM: What would be a day in the life of DJ Kai like? You seem busy! 

DJ KAI: Well, I get out of school at 3 and then I have either soccer or singing or piano or music production class or Taek-Won-Do. In my free time I prepare for my DJ-gigs and on the weekends I usually have a gig. I also like playing with Lego.

KM: Tell us a bit about the kids fashion shows you got to perform at this year?

DJ KAI: I dj'd New York Kids Fashion Week, I dj'd for Swarovski and Target and brands like Mischka Aoki and Imoga. It was really fun, because it was different from my normal gigs.

KM: Is DJ the sport of choice, or do you love getting out there and playing? 

DJ KAI: I love getting out there. I play soccer, Taek-Won-Do, football, tennis and I love snowboarding.

KM: What are you working on right now? We always like to follow and support!

DJ KAI: I'm preparing for a DJ-gig next week at the Blue School fundraiser. I'm really looking forward to it, because I'll get to see my old classmates and teachers. I'm also taking piano and music production lessons and want to put out my first record this year.

KM: If you could give some advice to other creative kids, what would it be? 

DJ KAI: You have to have passion for what you are doing. And practice a lot :)

KM: And finally, who is your favorite DJ!? 

DJ KAI: Tiësto. I'm also a big fan of Swedish House Mafia.

Check out DJ Kai Song's latest mix album!

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