Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Interview with Andrea Bernholtz of My Bijoux Box

For my 6th interview series I sat down with long time friend Andrea Bernholtz, founder of the new, popular e-commerce accessories website My Bijoux Box. That's right ladies, these jewels sparkle, dazzle, and shine and are ready-to-wear, just like fashion straight off the runways! The designs will compliment any mood or style crush you are having, and lucky for us, this fashion guru has made it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to achieve a new look. You cannot go wrong with Andrea's "My 3 Way" style guides or her weekly picks. Lets hear what the style expert had to say about her past experience as President of Rock and Republic Jeans, the inspiration behind my bijoux appeal, and how she relates to her customer's unique style taste.

KYMBERLY MARCIANO: You were in apparel for years, denim to be exact, why jewelry? Why e-commerce? Any challenging moments making the transition?

ANDREA BERNHOLTZ: The apparel industry and now my jewelry business really is a natural progression of the fashion industry. After years of success in the denim world, I realized that we were so focused on a very limited demographic and that is why when I launched My Bijoux Box I made certain that our price points and styles would speak to the fashion client and the everyday consumer. I wanted price points that people could really get their hands on and feel free to experiment and find their own personal style. Our average price point is right around $40 and in order to give our customers the most value for their dollar we determined that it would be best to sell directly to our consumer and the best way to do that is via e-commerce.

KM: Who is the Bijoux customer?

AB: The Bijoux Box customer is the women who wants to be in style without having to try to hard. She needs fashion and her personal style to be easy and in an instant. The My Bijoux Box customer looks to us for inspiration on how to wear jewelry in a fresh way that reflects her confidence.

KM: What’s the main inspiration for your line? Who is actually doing the designing?

AB: My inspiration for the curated collections of My Bijoux Box is really my friends and family. I see how busy women are today and how hard one has to work to get ahead. I don't want the women that I know to feel like they need to sacrifice their ability to look and feel good about themselves because it's too costly or too contrived. I curate collections from my artisans and suppliers that can first give my customer "easy to wear style" and secondly at an affordable price point that I know my customer is comfortable with.

KM: In your opinion, what is the single most important thing to consider when accessorizing an outfit?

AB: The single most important rule about accessorizing is that you NEED TO DO IT! Many people take that last fishing touch for granted or simply overlook it. Accessorizing is truly the icing on the cake and the best way to show your personal style. It is probably the most fun part of getting dressed and in haste women tend to overlook it. The more you start to accessorize the easier it becomes and the more you learn about what a difference it can make for you.

KM: What are your style influencers when starting a new collection?

AB: I have always been influenced by the great Gabrielle Coco Chanel and where you will see her inspiration in my collections is that she had amazing personal style that has iconic status throughout generations. She is known for wearing and layering great accessories to best define her style. I have personally been passionate about the importance of accessorizing and now I would like to share with my customers the same joy of defining your style with jewelry.

KM: What trends does Bijoux Box Spring/ Summer 2014 collection highlight?

AB: The fashion industry is constantly chasing trends. Whether it be skirt lengths to skinny jeans versus a boot cut. It is enough to boggle a customer and make them feel like they might not be on point or in style. At My Bijoux Box we have a saying and that is "whats on trend is YOU... just be YOU!". Now that being said, it does not mean that we are not inspired by the natural evolution of good design. We seek inspiration from fashion, music and film as a way to guide our customers to progress and move forward.

KM: Describe your current designs in three words.


KM: As a personal friend I know you have a huge heart, how does this translate to your new company?

AB: We have recently been fortunate enough to be involved in some philanthropic selling events that have given us the opportunity to speak to our consumers in person and raise money for different charities and we have absolutely loved the interaction and being able to help causes that are dear to our heart. We would love to explore more of these philanthropic opportunities and participate on a larger scale in the near future.

KM: Name five things that every woman’s jewelry box should contain.

AB: Diamond studs, a vintage mans watch, opera length pearls,  a statement necklace for a pop of color, and an armful of bangles!

KM: What are the top 3 things you bring with you from your experience as President and CD of Rock and Republic jeans?

AB: Understanding who my customer is and what she wants from me! My industry connections with suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers enables me to get the products for my customers at prices they can be comfortable with. And knowing how to create a brand that is aspirational yet totally attainable.

KM: It's New Years Eve, you have a date... what holiday items are a must-have? Think city, tropical, think nature!

AB: My go to rule for creating your own personal style for any occasion is to LAYER and STACK and tell a STORY. Pick a theme and layer on your necklaces, bracelets and rings to reinforce that theme. You mentioned CITY and I always think sparkling so I would recommend our diamond dazzler necklace in gold.

AB: For your TROPICAL vibe, we have a lovely shorter, pop-of-blue necklace like the ocean called "The Friendship".

AB: For your NATURE spirit, we have a long horn necklace that is refined primitive elegance named "Chic Power"!

AB: On your wrists wear one of my favorite bangles called "Can't have just one..." 

AB: Now dazzle your fingers with this stunning turquoise statement ring called "Forever Mine"

AB: Lets finish off with some turquoise filigree earrings called "Daytime Luxury"

AB: So the look will be simple, understated, seaside elegance, wear it with a sexy chic white dress and you are ready to ring in the New Year!      

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