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Interview Series: Alecia Spendlove of Alexandra Rain

Introducing my monthly interviews!!!!

There are so many individuals who inspire me, woo me and encourage me to tap into my personal network and as a result I have decided to do an interview series launching right now!

As a mother of 4, a photographer, producer, art director and philanthropist, I am thankful for the colorful people in my life who inspire me on a daily basis...connecting with creatives on a personal level is right  up my alley!

My first interview EVER showcases a incredible mom! She is a beauty inside and out, a mother of 2, wife to a music mogul, former model, and now has taken on parenting like no other: she is Alecia Spendlove, the creative mind and founder of Alexandra Rain, a new hot kids brand that is on KMP's radar—with an app you can find on itunes, a music video soon to be released along with an e-book. Quite extraordinary!

Kymberly Marciano: To get us started, and for those who may not know, tell us a bit about yourself in a few short words.

Alecia Spendlove: I grew up in a small town called Mt. Juliet, twenty miles east of Nashville, Tennessee. I loved my southern upbringing. My family is still there and I enjoy seeing my friends when I go home as well. We usually visit during the hot humid summers. My kids love visiting with our family, catching lighting bugs, and a good ole’ Tennessee thunder storm! I’ve been in California for almost twenty years now. I have to say I love it and it is definitely my home  for now.

KM: What was the main light bulb/inspiration that led you to start Alexandra Rain supermodel extraordinaire? 


AS: I’m always looking for ways to help teach my kids to stand up for themselves and be kind to others. With my background in modeling and my current job as a mom, I thought it would be fun to create a fictional character that likes to MODEL her fun fashion-style, but most importantly loves to MODEL kind, positive behavior to others. While the book series seems “girl focused”, there are a lot of strong boy characters as well. Her brother, Brandon will be a more positive force as the series grows.

KM: As a first time author, what were some of the challenges you faced in developing these well thought out characters, and how did you overcome? 

AS: I had never written anything before, but I knew I had an important message that I wanted to convey. I started taking writing classes at the Writing Pad in Los Angeles and that has really built up my self-confidence. I have a broader idea of character development and I’m often dreaming about how I can enrich all of the characters in the Alexandra Rain series. I also have a great writing partner, Nick Bonomo and we are constantly bouncing ideas off of one another. 

KM: AR looks like it's already an empire and belongs on Nickelodeon or Disney! Anything we should know?

AS: One of my greatest joys is watching children sing the Alexandra Rain songs and and play with the app. My current focus is the upcoming release of the picture book and e-book. I think Alexandra Rain would make a wonderful animated series. It’s exciting to dream of where the series will go!

KM: What's your favorite moment during producing content? You have an app available on iTunes and a music video—did you write that song as well?

AS: After writing the book, I felt so inspired to expand the brand. I began writing the lyrics to “Super Model Extraordinaire” and humming the tune. My husband, Randy, is a music producer and musician. He immediately brought the song to life with music and laid down the track. Producing the music of Alexandra Rain has probably been some of my most happiest moments. The music video shoot was like one giant play date. All the girls had such a great time and did an amazing job.

KM: Give us some secrets on how you juggle such a busy schedule with kids and work? We always love learning about new methods!

AS: I’m definitely retired when it comes to my modeling career. It was too hard to juggle with the kid’s schedule and I’m first and foremost a stay-home mom. I do most of my writing while the kids are at school or at night. I love being there for my kids and I also enjoy expressing my creativity through the book series of Alexandra Rain. It’s a fun project to share with the kids. After all, they are my best audience!

KM: You are a model mommy! Tell us a bit about your modeling career and the positive notes you took from it as a mother…and how that translates to your writing.

AS: I’m only 5’6” tall, and I didn’t think I had a chance at having an actual modeling career. I loved the creativity of modeling and I had the drive and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I was told “no” a lot, but I kept going. I met Tanya Blair in Dallas, Texas and she gave me the opportunity to join her agency. I became one of her top models right away. I did a lot of print work and commercials there. I later moved to Los Angeles, where I met Nina Blanchard. She saw my potential in the commercial and lifestyle market. I owe both of those ladies my career. They have both since passed and are both legends in the modeling industry. I really feel it was my inner spirit and drive that helped me sustain such a successful career for so many years. Inner beauty really does count! My modeling career feels like another lifetime, and I have many fond memories.  National advertising campaigns include: Clairol Herbal Essence, Crest White Strips campaigns and Aveeno Skincare to name a few.

KM: Are you working on anything right now that we can look forward to? Yes, we're on your radar! 

AS: I’m very excited to introduce our first Alexandra Rain, E-book and picture book coming soon! We’ve been updating our website and we will be sending  out our first newsletter. It includes great “Modeling Tips for Kindness” to share with your kids and our very first “Model Spotlight”. We want to highlight kids modeling positive behavior in the world. I have so much I want to do with Alexandra Rain. More music videos, more songs and even a musical. Most of all, I want to promote a fun, positive message to young kids everywhere. “It’s fun to model fashion, but it’s even more fun to be kind and model your inner goodness to the world!” As Alexandra Rain would say:  “Compassion and Love are my most beautiful accessories!”

Playing Favorites: 

Favorite Photographer: 
AS: Kymberly Marciano, of course : ). I also love Brian Bowen-Smith.

Favorite Food: 
AS: Mash Potatoes. I’m southern, what can I say!

Favorite Destination: 
AS: Big Sur, California. We were married there and it’s one of the most beautiful, serene places I’ve ever been. It’s like being surrounded by a forest and standing high on a cliff while the ocean crashes against it.

Favorite Quote: 
AS: I’m a big Audrey Hepburn fan. Talk about style and substance! “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others;  For beautiful lips speak only words of kindness;  and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

Favorite Must Have: 
AS: The Tao of Inner Peace written by Diane Dreher...It’s usually by my bedside table and I can always find a quote to help me with my day.

KM: It's been wonderful to interview you, Alecia! One last question: do you blog? 

AS: I am currently a contributor for the parenting blog, Moonfrye. It is so much fun to share my life as a “Mommy” with them. Check out my blog posts here

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