Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorite: Destinations!

Spring is in the air, our first heat wave has hit Southern California and I'm fantasizing about the next place I want to visit, explore and discover! It's this time of year I get that itch to travel, or at least begin to plan!

I am so inspired by this perfect post from my beloved Intermix, which has sparked my thirst for new all ambience inclusive destinations paired with fashion. Starting with the ever so enticing Istanbul and Greece...take a look!

Istanbul, Turkey: 

Symi, Greece: 


Laguna Beach California:  
My hometown! An artists haven, intense surf and sand beaches, with the right mix of old hollywood sophistication!

Careyes, Mexico
Founded by Gian Franco Brignone, this destination is an absolute visionary that successfully draws in a unique international community! All It's colorful cliffside casitas, architectural villas, infinity pools, world class polofields, and home of the turtle sanctuary. Careyes is like no other place in the world. Where else can you walk a 3 mile long untouched beach with a surf that covers you in a salty mist that is just heaven? 

St. Tropez
Hands down one of the most charming small ports along the French Rivera or Côte d'Azur. It's fashionably chic, elegant and sophisticated—the days are never long enough to bask in the sun along the Pompeleone Bay, or arrive by boat to the magical port with its salmon colored rooftops and the smell of 100 year old pine trees, eucalyptus trees and vineyards. It carries a family vibe by day and sexy at night...

Singitia Reserves, South Africa
These 5 star camps are in a league of their own. With a level of sophistication and strong Eastern influences. The service like no other place in the WORLD! On your daily game drives, you will experience the raw beauty of untouched nature, the incredible wild animals in their natural habitats and scenery that is endless... it is a magical place that will evoke tons of emotions and take you back to your roots. Photographically, it's stunning!

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