Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday: Coachella with CAMRYN

Happy Monday! With my ears still ringing and on visual overload, it's so good to be back in the office after a 3 day long musical journey, AKA, Coachella! Fully immersed with a variety of concert goers, my experience this time round was unique to say the least. Lucky me, I got to hang with Camryn, talented teen singer, client and friend. With our 3 day line up in place on the Coachella app, Camryn and I took on Coachella with ease, braved the sand storms, got front and center with Lana Del Rey, premiering "West Coast"for the first time, Bastille belting out Pompeii, and of course the highlights as the sun went down, Jhene'Aiko with cameos by Drake and Childish Gambino! GASP! What a treat to experience this festival with a musician, who is a free spirit, beautiful inside and out! XOXO

Until Next Year!!!

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