Wednesday, April 16, 2014

KMP Prom Picks

Prom season has arrived and it's your turn to dial up the dazzle! I never made it to my own prom, and if my memory serves me correctly, we did not have such cool, adorable and fun fashion accessories to flank that dress! So, I've chosen my absolute favorite trimmings that will stand out from the rest! In fact I'm going Anti-Prom, a shorter dress with decked out converse high-tops is the ultimate prom look for the girl who desires functional fashion and a little rebel! She can dance the night away in comfort and still look amazing! I'm convinced these accessories will catch the light, and the eyes of your fellow classmates. Be daring, add a dose of sparkle with an eye-catching headband or a pop of pastel with mint green pumps. Go against the norm! Just have fun with it and let your beauty shine!! MEOW! XO




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