Saturday, April 26, 2014

On our Way! ~ Cuixmala

Hello Loves, today is the day!!! As we embark on our Journey to Mexico as a family for the next 3 weeks, my 8 yr old Grayson is about to have the ultimate educational experience! Grayson will have full immersion with Spanish, friends he's come to know his entire life, and I Myself will be taking spanish 3 days a week!!! We are ready to go!

The Cuixmala School is located at the heart of the Cuixmala estate and embedded in the Chemela~Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve on the Mexican Pacific Coast in the state of Jalisco.  Due to its location respect for and understanding of the natural world permeates the schools programming. The  mix of cultures, nationalities, nature and activities create a unique experience in th education and life of the students.  I invite you to stay tuned as Grayson and I will keep you updated each week on our peak moments, adventures, and experiences!

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