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Iconic Fashion Illustrators

A Rene Gruau sketch for Dior, 1985

When you hear or speak the word "fashion", there's always a melancholic feeling that accompanies it due to the rich history it provides—there's also a note to remember about all the fantastic, magical Illustrators that drew out those beautiful sillouhettes.  I absolutely adore fashion, as you may already know! Fashion evolves, and I can't help but to think about how it all started with illustrations, the people that influence fashion, the collaborations, the art of it all. I adore the works of Rene Gruau, David Downtown, Antonio Lopez, Helen Dryden and Patrick Nagel…and I've compiled some of their amazing fashion illustrations that you simply can't miss!

Rene Gruau, Italian, 1909-2004 — Gruau evoked glamour and classical, best known for creating the marketing images for all things high fashion…Miss Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and tons more:

Gruau for Dior

Dior Beauty ad

The colors Gruau used were gorgeous and vivid

David Downton, British, 1959 — David captures celebrities like Catherine Deneuve and Paloma Picasso wonderfully, as well as being known for amazing advertising work with clients ranging from Tiffany & Co to V Magazine: 

A unique illustration for Oscar de la Renta

Vogue Australia cover with Cate Blanchett

For Oscar de la Renta's "Live in Love" parfum

Downton's "Belle de Jour" illustration

Antonio Lopez, New York City, 1943-1987 — Lopez has had several books on his fashion illustrations have been critically acclaimed by The New York Times — he was known for his NYC 60s work and 70s Paris:

Vintage fashion illustration, 1968

Antonio Lopez's cover illustration for Interview Magazine

Lopez for Oscar de la Renta
Helen Dryden, American 1887-1981— llustrator of the 20's-30's! Her art deco style shined bright on many Vogue covers. Dryden was described by the NY Times as the highest-paid woman artist in the US at one point. Her Vogue contract led to a 13 year collaboration with the publication:

A 1919 Vogue Cover by Dryden
Dryden's cover for Vogue, 1921

Dryden's cover for Vogue, 1922
Patrick Nagel, American 1945-1984 — Illustrator of the 80's with an art deco inspiration to his works. Nagel is best known for his illustrations for Playboy Magazine, Duran Duran and worked as a graphic designer for Rolling Stone, Universal Studios and more:

Patrick Nagel's 80s Fashion Illustrations

Patrick Nagel's 80s Fashion Illustrations
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