Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel Tuesday: An Italian Wanderlust


Here is my round up from my Italian Wanderlust vacation! It all started at Villa Moneta, hosted by some of my dearest friends which was set high above the picturesque cliffs and amidst the umbrella Pine trees, J'adore! A typical day would lead me to fresh peaches for breakfast, followed by long walks through the windy narrow cobble stone roads leading us to sweeping vistas of the sea, boat life, and oh so charming boutiques along the way. The Grottos are a must, as is a memorable day at the coveted beach & restaurant club, La Fontelina, just look for the blue & white umbrellas, you will know when you arrive.



If you can, take a sunset boat ride to Positano for a cocktail, followed by an evening at the Hotel Il San Pietro...probably one of the most romantic settings you will ever visit, accessed by a bond-like elevator that takes you to the top! 

  Aeolian Islands..... 

Panarea, this place is Magic! It was the highlight of my trip and has been on my bucket list my entire adult life. The water is pristine, the nearby volcanic islands erupting and mineral baths at the Hotel Raya were heaven, the light & colors all created a extraordinary ambience. With strong resemblances to Greece, (one of my other favorite places in the world), boho- chic vibe, I will go back for sure!

Isle Salina & Capofaro

Imagine, Finding a nearby island with mature vineyards , a boutique hotel, and a world class dining experience? Yes we did, Capofaro on Salina, one of the 7 Aeolian islands. We spent a day exploring the island, discovering beaches, indulged in a memorable lunch paired of course with our favorite Rose vino! Until next summer........

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