Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Epic Roadtrip - Castle Envy

My long time obsession with castles and architecture has now been passed down to my mini man, Grayson. Lucky me, we are headed out for an epic road trip this weekend with family and friends! For this Travel Tuesday I'm taking you loves to the oh so glamorous Hearst Castle Estate, built upon the cliffs of Sam Simeon by publisher William Randolph Hearst. What a dream to have been wined and dined by Mr. Hearst himself, and walk amongst Hollywood's elite, socialites, & clever writers whom all added to the magical lure of the Hearst Castle. Feast your eyes on this epic spot, and the other majestic castles which Grayson and I hope to adventure to next! 

Grayson's Pick! Other Castles

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