Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blaire's Closet!

Ladies, here is some inspiration from one of our favorite bloggers, Blaire!!! Who better to motivate us than the oh so chic New Yorker of Atlantic Pacific! She's got citron accented walls and an exposed brick fireplace, flanked by decorative antlers and coffee table books! This beloved bloggers NYC digs are dressed to kill! And her closet - To die for! Mixing vintage Chanel bags and Zara shoes, Blaire's style is simply divine. Spring is here, clean out those closets and guess what... a little surprise is in store. Reward yourself by going to Walk In My Closet where you can sell all of the pieces you no longer want, and buy the ones you do. Happy Spring Cleaning! be sure to visit us Monday for a special look behind the scenes of our latest cover shoot with Model Magazine! 

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