Friday, October 31, 2014

#FridayFavorite: RUUM American Kid's Wear

This Friday I'm so excited to shine the spotlight onto one of KMP's favorite brands seen a few weeks ago at PetitePARADE in NYC, RUUM American Kid's Wear! Newly launched by Ezra Dabah, RUUM offers some of the most fashion forward designs for both boys and girls, encouraging them to feel their very best while creating their own unique style! You can enjoy the Holiday/Winter collection now at their flagship store in Tribecca or online which will have a new feature!!! Yes thats right loves, carefully curated RUUM collections can be digitally shopped, delivered or shipped to your doorstep just in time for the holidays! It's called ShowRUUM which includes some dazzling soft knits, velvet blazers, sparkly dresses, and even faux fur. GASP! Here are some snap shots of Sophia Pippen, Harper Tilman ,Tristin & Tyler, and friends as they rock the RUUMrunway. All of these adorable kiddos did such a great job. LOVE! 

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