Monday, October 20, 2014

Salvation Mountain: A Message of Love!

Happy Monday! As I'm en route back from NYC kids fashion week, A special treat for you all! Today on the blog our very own social media director, Dara, shares her recent discovery and experience at Salvation Mountain, in California. It is Pretty Spectacular to say the least! 

Hello, KMP fans! It's a pleasure to share with you all this amazing place, which I discovered a few weekends ago as I made my way to Palm Springs for a celebratory weekend. To my ultimate surprise and beyond expectation, we came upon Salvation Mountain! Just East of the Salton Sea in a small town called Niland, lies one man's message of LOVE. I first discovered Salvation Mountain back in 2007 after seeing the film "Into The Wild". This colorful destination peaked my interest and found a home on my bucket list. The unique art installation, located in the Colorado Desert and built solely by Leonard Knight, is 50 feet high and is made completely of adobe clay, hay bails, and TONS of colorful barrels of donated paint. To think that one man did this all by himself is nothing short of remarkable. As you follow the "Yellow Brick Road" to the very top, along the way you explore it's vibrant mazes and messages. There's lots to discover here! From painted flowers, trees, waterfalls, and bluebirds, it seems Love IS all you need and can be found everywhere at Salvation Mountain! KM will surely find a way to capture this amazing place and shoot some amazing artists here, I just know it! Here's to the unknown, travel and wanderlust!! Magic is around the corner...XX DARA.

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