Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Favorite: Inside BVLGARI, Rhinestones of Shourouk, Dior's Technicolor Jewels

When there's anything jewelry, no gal can or will get sick of it! For my latest Friday Favorite, I focus on RHINESTONES & JEWELS! The hot summer and fall trends of these "gems" are appearing left and right, and when mixed with some of the best design houses and indie designers out there, here's a great round up. After my musings took place with this trend, I zoned in on BVLGARI's facilities, Shorouk's Rhinestones, and of course, the gorgeous Dior Technicolor Jewels, Cher Dior—these three are so unique and each sit in their own unique element. Take a look-see! 

Christian Dior's "Cher Dior" technicolor jewels are vibrant and simply stunning...

Some of the details that go into the luxurious jewels we adore, BVLGARI...

Can you say elegance & class? These Shourouk pieces below are to be worn all year round! 

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