Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Heat Wave: Top 5 Books To Read At The Beach!

Beaches and Books...and RELAXATION round up the lounging portion of this gorgeous 2013 summer Reading a good book while rejuvenating your mind set is always the way to go as the ocean waves and breezes surround us. Take a look at a few hot titles I think will make their "splash" into your summertime book sessions! 

A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams—a story of sacrifice and redemption. 

Gina McKinnon's What Would Grace Do?: How to Live Life in Style Like The Princess of Hollywood—pretty self explanatory & a standard for elegance! 

A Girl Like You by Maureen Lindley—a journey of self discovery! 

A Place at the Table by Susan Rebecca White—modern themes and friends set in Manhattan! 

Jonathan Goldstein's I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow—poetic, hilarious, and on the road to being 40!

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