Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Favorite: Jacquie Aiche

The jewelry of Jacquie Aiche encompasses exquisite, wearable, specialty hand-crafted designs and has made it as an unforgettable Friday Favorite of mine. A woman after my own heart, she loves to travel the world in her constant search for new inspiration and unusual materials to incorporate into her work. This young designer and mother of two has caused quite the stir in the industry of fine jewelry, and attributes it to her upbringing and coming from diverse backgrounds—Egyptian and American Indian! Jacquie's approach utilizes the highest quality materials including 18 & 14 karat gold, blending some of the most beautiful precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and pink tourmalines with organic materials like turquoise and fossils—simply stunning! I happen to have a few of her pieces which I wear religiously and almost daily, as do the high-end clientele around the world. The love she exudes in making her items makes you feel like you're getting the most favorable personal touch with what your wearing. I love this woman, she not only has a heart of GOLD, but is a true gem! 

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