Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Currently Coveting: Hermes

Hermes ~ Not your ordinary fashion label! Originating in France in 1837 crafting harnesses for carriages and horses, Thierry Hermes acquired a taste for luxurious items and has given us the gift of true luxury - feminine, delicate, eye-catching art! 

The elegant fashion house maintains the marriage of luxury, art, fashion, integrity, craftsmanship and quality of the brand by carefully curating the design and production talents. They select craftspeople that share the passion to create beautiful work making it possible to construct these incomparable styles we can't help but fawn over. It's with these gifted artisans, the maroquinier (leather artisan) who hand stitches and sews the handbags and gloves and the dessinateur (engraver) who works solely on the illustration of a scarf that instill the Hermes name we love and adore.

To really appreciate the culture behind the luxury line, you should know what lies within the doors of Hermes. Some designs have taken a record 2000 hours to complete! Each handbag involves skillful handwork making every stitch matter, gloves often require special sewing machines and are finished by hand, and scarves… the scarf making process amazes me the most!!! Hermes scarves are made from the finest silks and can take almost 2 years from start to finish! Each scarf has it’s own illustrator that separates each color from the picturesque design for screen printing - lastly, small details are inscribed by either a pencil, brush or electric pen.

Today, Hermes holds the world's most coveted square and hand bags. From fashion, fine art, street displays, ink illustrations and all of the brilliant techniques in between, it ceases to amaze me of what we are capable of when we allow our minds to wander free. I always seek inspiration and it's those you admire most that are just like you! It's hump day - get your inspiration on!



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