Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Expressions: Giant Loveable Art

Artistic minds alike tend to have a deep rooted love for the world’s natural wonders. This artist caught my attention combining two of my loves, youthful expressions and nature’s beauty. I did not know what “Go big or Go home” meant until I stumbled across this amazing accomplishment from Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada. The Cuban-American artist’s giant sized art is composed of eight million pounds of soil, sand, and rocks sitting on 11 acres in Northern Ireland! The one-of-a-kind masterpiece is fawn upon spectators from local rooftops, passing travelers by aviation, or you can stroll through the aisles on the ground and get a closer look at the natural materials that were used. Jorge managed to create this masterpiece in harmony with the location, using only local materials & having no environmental impact.

The artist leaves me with a piece of mind that rings true, "Working with very large scales becomes a personal challenge, but it also allows me to bring attention to important issues, the size of the piece is intrinsic to the value of its message." Lets applaud this incredible visual artist, what a great gift!

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